Liqui Moly Engine Oil 5W-30 Liqui Moly Molygen New Generation Motor Oil 5W-30

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Synthetic technology low-friction motor oil with innovative Molygen wear-protection technology and extremely high power reserve for maximum performance. Good dirt suspending and cleaning capacity ensures optimum engine cleanliness. The results are savings in fuel and an extended service life for the engine. Assures reliable operation and maximizes the operating life of the diesel particulate filter (DPF). Exceeds the test requirements of well-known vehicle manufacturers.

This state of the art low-friction motor oil combines fully synthetic base oils and unique additive technology. The powerful MFC (Molecular Friction Control) technology prevents the formation of deposits while simultaneously reducing frictional losses in the engine. This synergetic effect provides optimum protection from wear and a flawless running engine. Improvements can be seen in reduced fuel consumption and increased engine mileage. The advanced oil engineering is further underlined by the distinguished green fluorescent color.

* API SN Plus
* Chrysler MS-6395
* Daihatsu
* Ford
* GM 6094 M
* Honda
* Hyundai
* Isuzu
* Kia
* Mazda
* Mitsubishi
* Nissan
* Subaru
* Suzuki
* Toyota

Areas of application: Asian and American gasoline engines with multi-valve technology and turbocharging benefit most from this product. This oil provides the optimum for effective engine protection and outstanding value conservation, even during long intervals between oil changes and under extreme engine requirements.
Application: The operating instructions of the vehicle and engine manufacturers must be followed. It can be mixed with all
commercially-available motor oils. The optimum effect obtained only when used on its own (i.e. no mixing).

Compatible for the use with Turbochargers and Catalytic Converters
Friction and Wear Reducing; Smooth Engine Running
Outstanding Engine Cleanliness, Shear Resistance and Lubrication Reliability
Saves Fuel and Reduces Pollutant Emissions
Excellent high and low temperature behavior

Liqui Moly is a German brand of vehicle oils, lubricants, additives, glues, sealants, chemicals, and other related products formulated to prolong the life of your engine and keep your vehicle performing at its peak for many years to come. Enthusiasm is what drives the company’s success. Liqui Moly consists of more than 800 employees who are strongly dedicated to offering the best solutions for just about every vehicle available on the market. Whether you have a car, motorcycle, commercial vehicle, boat or garden equipment, you’re guaranteed to find the product that works great for your specific application.

Liqui Moly motor oils:

The catalogue of the brand offers mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants of different viscosity and classes. The
following product lineups are the most popular:

* Leichtlauf. These oils are made using advanced technologies, in particular, hydrocracking. They feature anti-wear properties and ensure engine lubrication already during the first few seconds after starting.
* MoS2 Leichtlauf. This is a lineup of products with a branded additive based on molybdenum disulphide. These lubricants protect engine parts from abrasion and scuffing. They are perfect for new and overhauled power units during their run-in period, as well as for engines of high-mileage cars.
* Molygen. They contain a Molygen additive package based on a Molecular Friction Control advanced technology. It works by alloying the surface layer of engine components with molybdenum and tungsten ions. This helps to prevent the engine from wear, as well as contributes to the fuel efficiency. These oils have an increased working lifespan. They are suitable for heavily
  loaded engines and cars operating under extreme conditions.
* Optimal. They are offered at an affordable price. These oils ensure reliable lubrication under all conditions and feature
  perfect detergent properties.
* Top Tec. This is a lineup of synthetic lubricants with high resistance to oxidation. They can be used for cars equipped with both catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters.
* High Tech. These are used for tuning and in motorsport. These oils help to significantly increase working lifespan of the
  engine. They are perfect for multi-valve power units with turbochargers and intercoolers. They have long oil change intervals.

Lubro-Moly Synthoil is a performance inspired oil offering many protections. Lubro-Moly Synthoil provides longer service life, lower oil temperatures, high lubrication throughout temperature ranges, engine cleanliness, and cleaner emission.Liqui Moly is not only the most popular motor oil brand in Germany but also a globally recognized manufacturer with a product range of more than 4,000 items. For more than 60 years, the company has been boosting the driving enjoyment of its customers by pioneering state-of-the-art technology. The company formulates all its solutions using its own recipes that have been rigorously tested and adapted to meet the latest technical standards. What’s more, Liqui Moly does all its research and development in Germany to ensure its products deliver ultimate quality and performance.





Liqui Moly Engine Oil

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